We Invest in Local Youths

We believe that everyone should have access to clean energy and a sustainable source of income. This is why at Solaris, we invest in local youths to drive clean energy penetration by creating green jobs in the communities.


Our model takes a sustainable approach. We design, manufacture and deploy micro-power solar solutions for use in rural and peri-urban areas. Our deployments are done by creating Solaris Agents in local communities.

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Unemployment rate in Nigeria has increased to 33.28% with lots of out of school children. Green businesses can provide lots of well paid jobs to these meaningful Nigerians.

By becoming our partner, you can join us to create Solaris booths across the 774 local governments in Nigeria, and at places where people do lack access to clean source of energy to power their daily lives.

Power to Transform Lives

Solaris is a green startup that develops products and services that contributes towards building a sustainable world. We design and deploy micro solar solutions to small homes and businesses in rural and peri-urban communities in Nigeria for rural and peri-urban electrification.Our products include mobile solar-powered charging stations, solar power packs etc.

We are solving the problem of the use of alternative power sources that pollute our environment especially the use of conventional phone charging businesses by creating the solar-powered powerpack and booths.

Our approach involves creating small scale jobs by the distribution of our energy booths through our micro-franchising business model.

Solar charging booths

Micro power solutions

Job Creation

We empower youths in rural and peri-urban communities.

Reduce Carbon pollution

Provideing alternative means of power for Nigerians.

Micro Power Solutions

Affordable recharge solutons for rural communities.


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